There is an ancient legend passed down through the ages about when the Spaniards were conquering the Incas. The Incas fought back fiercely, finally building a mammoth pile of very hot chile peppers, then burning them to create a wall of acrid searing smoke between themselves and the Spaniards. The fumes contained so many natural irritants that the Spaniards were temporarily blinded and could not continue fighting for two days. It seems that the Incas should have won! Moral: Don't lean over a pan of chiles cooking on the stove!
Mexican: "No, Eet's not hot."
Gringo: "It's hot."
Mexican: "Eet's just a leettle hot?"
Gringo: "It's very hot."
Mexican: "Eet's no mucho hot."
Gringo: "Don't get near it--it's dangerous!"
Mexican: "Eet's mucho hot?"
Gringo: "It's burning!!"
Mexican: "Eet's muchisimo hot?"
AAAHHH! That beautiful bowl of blessedness! Chili it seems has many origins, spiritual, legendary, cattle trails, Texas prisons; but no matter, no other food has inspired the passionate following as Chili.
Every person in every section of every state now claims their version is THE ONE; beef or pork, with or without beans, with or without vegetables, beer or water, the arguments rage! But one thing is certain--that Chili contains ground chiles, either a lot of the pure stuff or some of the blended stuff.
Most are seasoned with garlic, onions, cumin and oregano. Some folks' "secret recipes" go to exotic extremes, one even with ground almonds! Either way, a good bowl of chili should make the heart beat faster, causing you to perspire, increase your sense of well-being and soothe your soul.
As for THIS "Chilehead", I use ground, dried, AND fresh chiles in my recipe---and IT IS HEAVEN!

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