I'm so glad you're visiting. I'd like to tell you a little about how "Shaboom's Kitchen" came into being, because it's a dream come true for me! Although my real name is Carol, I first was nicknamed "Shaboom" when the song was popular way back when (and we won't say "when"!). That's the song you hear now.

I learned to cook at my Mother's elbow when very young, and I've always tried to remember and save as many of her recipes as possible. For 40 years, I've been collecting and inventing recipes and cookbooks ranging from the four corners of the United States, to north and south of our borders, to the British Isles, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim countries. Finally, I knew it was time to share it all with others, so here we are!
These pages mirror my love for food and my tastes in food, which frequently reflect my infinite love and appreciation for simplicity, robust flavors, hefty portions, and sometimes brazen seasonings. Good ole down-home-style Southern country cookin' (with a touch of class) is what my kitchen is all about. And you certainly will discover my passion for hot and spicy foods in the sections called "Red Hots" and "Grillin' n Smokin'"! I LOVE Cajun and Creole foods, plus "down-on-the-ranch" Barbeque!
I want to share with you my love for food---it's preparation, techniques, helpful tips, and most of all the enjoyment of eating it! Everything is right here for you at my website. No need to go any further to find great recipes, cookbooks, shopping, great links, hot tips, your questions answered, and useful facts, cooking tables, and troubleshooting information.
Every month I will give you new recipes from my huge library, including some dishes of my own creation. In between, I will be adding new links, new book and magazine reviews, and changing some recipes. So while you're touring these pages, be sure to send me your recipes, your questions, your cooking tips---

I would love to include you.

Thank you for visiting me in my kitchen! Be sure to bookmark this site. I will be constantly changing recipes and adding all-new features and links!

Now it's time to get back into the kitchen!

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