Every cook needs help sometimes. We forget, we lose recipes, we splash stuff on perfectly good recipes, we just plain don't know what ingredients to buy, and we sometimes just plain run out of the exact ingredient absolutely necessary to turn a humdrum pot of goo into a silver platter laden with Heaven's ambrosia. Here, I hope to give you some information that can be of real assistance when the chips are down (or even if they're not down).

- Equivalent Measures
- Metric Conversion Table
Substitutions and Yields
- Emergency Substitutions
- Yields By Measurement
Cooking Meats & Roasting Tables

Help For Your Holiday Turkey

Fish and Shellfish

- Cooking Guidelines
- Cooking Methods
- Guide to Common Fish

Pasta Parade

Cheeses of the World
- Cooking With Cheese
- Storing Cheese
- Diets and Cheese
- A Table of Cheeses

Baker Troubleshooting
- Cakes and Pies
- Yeast Breads
- Using a Bread Machine
Spice Dictionary

Terms & Techniques

Go Back to Some of the Basics
- Photos and detailed instructions of some very basic cooking tehnicques.
Cooking For a Crowd
Do you have a question about cooking?
Is there more information you would like to see here?
So many folks have unanswered questions about how to prepare a certain food, a technique, or perhaps just which utensil to use.
If you have a question,

at shaboom@shentel.net.

If I don't have the answer, I'll get it for you!.


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