Here is my latest list of handy-dandy
"Dandy Handies"
that you can use in your kitchen today!
Over the years I've found these items to be a big help,
a shortcut, or just plain terrific!

Lots of these resources can be found on my Shopping Page

Last Addition was 9/18/2005

KRUPS ELECTRIC COUNTERTOP JUICER: My latest acquisition! When my wrist just couldn't squeeze that juice any more, I got this---and it's a really terrific boon! It takes up very little counter space, just place your 1/2 lemon (or whatever) on it, and then whiz! it's done! I got mine from Chef's Catalogue---about $50 but not nearly as expensive as so many other juicers. KRUPS LELECTRIC COUNTERTOP CAN OPENER: This is not your ordinary yucky clunky can opener. It's stainless steel with black trim (matches my appliances), sleek lines, runs really quiet and smooth, and takes less space than most others. Oh yes, it has the usual bottle opener and knife sharpener if you need those things. I got mine for about $20 at Chef's Catalogue, it's a delight.
SMALL ROASTING PAN BY BERNDES: This is perfect for smaller meat cuts or a chicken---and terrific for roasting things for just two people! Completely non-stick---cleans up like a dream--made in Germany to last a lifetime! I got mine at Cooking Enthusiasts. KRUPS ELECTRIC COFFEE/SPICE GRINDER: Wonderful little electric gadget for either function---you'll even start making your garam masala!
CALPHALON EVERYDAY PAN: I really do use this almost everyday---keep it on top of the stove and can use it for most anything. By Calphalon, Commercial Grad, Non-Stick, 10-inch with sloped sides and good heavy stainless steel lid---it's SUPER! I got mine at $50 for a $130 pan! Get it quick. SERRATED TOMATO KNIFE: This knife is neato! It slices tomatoes like buttah! About the size of a medium-sized paring knife, it comes in its own plastic sheath to keep you from cutting yourself (and this thing WILL cut you so easy---I know!) About $7 at kitchen equipment stores.
CREPE PAN AND SPATULA BY BERNDES; Another great "find"---a 9-inch perfectly and forever non-stick! Made in Germany, it comes with recipes and complete instructions. Your crepes will be perfect and never stick again! Ever! Find one at King Arthur Flour or at Professional Cutlery. SIL-PAT: What? Oh yes! No more sticking cookies or other baked goods! Made in France, just bake on it, wash it off, put it away til next time. Totally wonderful!!! I even bake bread on it. King Arthur Flour and Chef's Catalog has it.
STOVETOP GRILL PAN BY BERNDES: Healthy cooking without fat; get those grill marks. Mine is by Berndes (about $40 in PCD) but there are also cast-iron grill pans for about 1/2 the price. Either way, these things are the best since sliced bread! Perfect for apartments. STOVETOP SMOKER: True barbecue-folks will scoff, but these smokers, made in USA by Cameron, are great for apartments and cold-weather locations for when you want that smoky flavor.
1-CUP COVERED SHAKER/MIXER I don't know what else to call this---it's aluminum, has a cover, holds about 1 cup, measurements are marked on the side, and is just terrific for making salad dressings, gravies, etc. I think I got mine from Baker's Catalogue for about $5. It's really handy for bunches of uses. MANUAL SMALL FOOD CHOPPER: This is a Swiss-made gadget that is good for chopping small amounts of veggies---onions, garlic, etc. It's about 5" in diamater, 3" tall, easily taken apart for cleaning. I use mine occasionally when I don't want to mess up my big Cuisinart for just a little bit of stuff. About $10 at
ROUND COOLING RACK: This is about 10 inches in diameter, and really great. It saves counter space when cooling cakes, especially when trying to turn a cake out of a Bundt pan. I found mine at a large kitchen gourmet shop, and should be available in most around the country. TRIPLE BREADING TRAYSTriple Breading Trays: Three medium-sized trays that link together for breading fish, chicken, etc.---I love these---dishwasher-safe to boot! (Just be sure to get GOOD ones---heavy plastic or even stainless for more $$! ).
PIE DAM: This is cute---and WORKS! It's 2 pieces of plastic on a swivel that fits right up against the cut edges of a pie---keeps it from getting runny and gummy. Get it at King Arthur Flour OFFSET SPATULA: It's hard to frost a cake without one of these; and it works when cutting and serving lasagna, too! The spatula is slanted down from the handle to accommodate the sides of a pan or dish.
DANISH LARGE DOUGH WHISK: For bread bakers who mix by hand, this is what you "knead" to make the job easier, especially with large batches of dough. Get it at King Arthur Flour BOWL SCRAPERS: Flexible plastic utensil that helps you get that wet dough out of your bowl easily! I have at least 3 now! They're useful for scraping or scooping up most anything.
BENCH KNIFE: For your bread-baking pleasure (and more), this cuts your dough in as many pieces as you wish. I also use mine to scoop up lots of things like chopped veggies! Works wonders! SMALL PREP DISHES: Set of 6 little metal dishes will help you get your mis en place put together in no time!
RECTANGULAR MEASURING SPOONS: These fit into almost any small spice container on the market these days. "METRICWONDER" MEASURING CUP: Perfect for converting measurements. Set the level to the correct amount, add your ingredient (shortening, sugar, etc.), and just push the bottom of the cup to put the ingredient into your mixing bowl. King Arthur Flour has them.
PLASTIC SERRATED KNIVES: As advertised, these come ion 2-3 different sizes and are great for cutting lettuce and it doesn't make your lettuce turn brown when you store it after you cut it. I also use mine for cutting brownies etc. out of non-stick pans. About $3 TOMATO CORER: Cuts only the core out of tomatoes without losing half the top. About $4
LEMON REAMER: Wooden--Gets every last drop of juice with no waste. About $7 and worth it! COOKIE SCOOPS: Metal or plastic (metal is best)--comes in two sizes with push-pull handle to easily drop cookie dough on the pan. Plastic about $7; Metal about $9.
NUTCRACKERS: For nuts of course, but ALSO a cheap tool to crack the shells and pick crabs, crab legs, lobster, etc. About $2 each. BAG CLIPS--ALL SIZES:Perfect for bags of potato chips, tortilla chips, cookies, fritos, dog treats, etc.---also use for partially used bags of frozen vegetables---lots cheaper than large containers. About $5 for 3.
COUNTERTOP UTENSIL HOLDER: Blow a few bucks to get a large one--it's worth it to have everything at hand. you can just grab a spoon and keep on cookin'. Shoot, even a flower pot will do! KITCHEN SHEARS: For use ONLY in the kitchen---great to cut most anything from cheese packages to chicken bones. About $4.
FAT SEPARATOR: Indispensable for good gravy! I found out the hard way. Just pour all the liquids from the roasting pan into the cup, let it stand 1-2 minutes, then pour drippings out through the spout, leaving the fat behind. Cheap---small ones at about $5; larger ones about $12 BREAD KNIFE: Blow the bucks and invest in just one really good 10" bread knife. Oh yes--you don't use it for anything else either! Heinkels, about $29
WHISKS--ALL SIZES: These are necessities---perfect for even getting lumps out of flour and cornmeal; small ones perfect for salad dressings. I even have a teeny one for teeny jobs! Get them at any housewares department or SPICE TOWERS; What a great and classy way to save shelf-space! Four clear plastic containers in each tower; each container holds a full spice jar's worth, and there are self-stick labels to boot! I have 4! I've only seen these at King Arthur Flour "Baker's Catalogue" (on my Shopping Page)----go get 'em!
CANDLES AND CANDLEHOLDERS: Easy to whip out for last-minute guests, if the power goes out, or if you want to make a yucky-looking dish look wonderful *LOL* MINIATURE BOTTLES OF BOOZE: Excellent and easy cheap way to cook with brandy, liqueurs. rum, etc. instead of blowing big bucks on large bottles. About $2 each.


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