. Sammy Hagar grew up in Southern California, in Fontana just east of L.A. He grew up on tacos from a little corrugated tin hut in Fontana and on Uncle Hoggly Woggly's Tyler, Texas Barbecue, a little place on L.A. outskirts. Now when he plays Dallas, Dean Fearing at the Mansion on Turtle Creek sends over a bunch of hot and spicy dishes. Emeril helps him out when he plays New Orleans (Emeril's show is where I first saw him and fell in love!).

His favorite heat is the East Indian style with papaya and carrots and habaneros. He thinks Tabasco is the best for pizza and wings; but loves thinly sliced habaneros on a pizza!

Hagar is a singer, guitarist and songwriter whose father was a professional boxer. Legend has it that Elvis Presley persuaded him not to follow in his father's footsteps, and instead he started out in 60s' San Bernardino bands---the Fabulous Castillas, Skinny, Justice Brothers and Dust Cloud. He joined Montrose in 1973 and became a minor rock hero in the Bay Area of San Francisco, in particular acquiring a reputation as a potent live performer. After two albums with Montrose he left to go solo, achieving a string of semi-successful albums and singles.

He took with him Bill Church (bass) and added Alan Fitzgerald (keyboards), and later Denny Carmassi (drums). The band attracted good press on support tours with Kiss, Boston and Kansas, but by 1979 Hagar had fashioned a radically altered line-up, with Gary Pihl (guitar), Chuck Ruff (drums) and Geoff Workman (keyboards) joining Hagar and Church. 1983's "Three Lock Box" became their first Top 20 entry, and included 'Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy', which reached number 13 in the singles chart. Hagar then took time out to tour with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, Kenny Aaronson (bass) and Michael Shrieve (drums, ex- Santana ), recording a live album under the band's initials HSAS. Under this title they also cut a studio version of Procol Harum 's 'Whiter Shade Of Pale'. Returning to solo work, Hagar enjoyed his biggest hit to date with the Voice Of America out-take, 'I Can't Drive 55'. In 1985 he surprised many by joining Van Halen, from whom Dave Lee Roth had recently departed. However, he continued to pursue a parallel, if intermittent, solo career which continues to be characterized by a refreshing lack of bombast in a genre not noted for its subtlety. Hagar left Van Halen in 1996.

Sammy now spends most of his time down in Baja California, Mexico....a place called Cabo San Lucas. He has a restaurant there called Cabo Wabo Cantina, and features Jorge Viienia as Chef. They also make tequila there called Cabo Wabo. He has a collection of over 300 bottles of hot sauce---even one special edition bottle of Tabasco, a gift from the McIllhenny family.

Sammy has a new Cookbook out! Click here to get "Are We Having Any Fun Yet"
In the April, 2000 issue of Chile Pepper Magazine, editor Robb Walsh designated Sammy's latest hit "Red Voodoo" as the new official "Chilehead National Anthem". Read these lyrics and see if you don't agree---I do!!

By Sammy Hagar

Operator help me please;
Room service got me on my knees.
They got the same ole ham and rye---
Give me file gumbo, crawfish pie.

I want it Red Voodoo style
Talkin’ ‘bout Red Voodoo
Give me some of that Red Voodoo style, hey...

Now put the pepper on your tongue
And make the old start feelin; young;
Them habaneors make me cry
‘Til two hot tamales walk on by
Sportin’ that Red Voodoo smile
Talkin’ ‘bout Red Voodoo
They got that Red Voodoo style

Got Tex-Mex, Cajun, Latin groove
We like them green peppers, too.
Flori-bama, Georgia line- barbecue will always shine.
Carolina north and south;
Arizona’s gonna burn your mouth.
Colorado get me high,
Don’t get the pepper in your eye.
Albuquerque to Buffalo,
We like them wings with Tabasco.

I want it Red Voodoo style
Talkin’ ‘bout Red Voodo style
They got that Red Voodoo style....

The music you hear is one of his biggest hits,
"I Can't Drive 55"
(and no, you can't turn it off!)

El Camino de los Chiles
(That's The Chile Highway to Gringos!)

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