Updated 4/16/2008
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Beef - The Texas Beef Council - Recipes; Facts; Nutrition; "It's What You Want!"!

Bertolli Olive Oils - Yummy Italian recipes; Olive Oil FAQ

Betty Crocker - Recipes, guidelines and Q&A's for everyone

Bob Evans Farm - Some of the best sausage recipes you'll ever find!

Butterball - Turkey recipes; Facts; Hot lines

Cabot Cheese - Recipes with their cheeses and butter

Campbell's Community - Campbell's Soup Recipes and more

Crisco - Recipes, Tips, Pantry Shopping List

Dole Foods - Recipes with Nutrition Guides

Foods Of Del Monte - Great quick 'n easy recipes using Del Monte products

Hershey's - Chocolate Lovers Paradise and Cookbook

Hidden Valley - Delicious Fast Easy Recipes!! Wonderful!

Hormel - Wonderful Recipes using Hormel Products--Go to their Kitchen

Internet Epicurean - Recipes; Articles; Features; Chat

Kraft Foods - Recipes, Your Own Recipe Box, Tips, Techniques

Land O Lakes - Buttery recipes, information, cooking hot lines.

Mission Tortillas - Menus, Recipes and more

Mott's Cyber-Orchard - Parents Place; Kids Place; Nutrition; Recipes; Form

National Pork Producers Council - Recipes; Nutrition; Ideas

OSO Sweet Onions - Sweet tearless onions, to cook, to buy

Pace Foods - 100 recipes with Pace Picante Sauce and more!

Pillsbury - Terrific recipes and info on Cooking and Baking

Quaker Oatmeal - Yummy Cold-Weather Recipes; Heart-Healthy & Diabetic Recipes

Red Star Yeast - Wondereful bread and pizza recipes!

Sargento Cheese - Recipes and ways to use their delicious new cheese blends!

Tabasco Country - Hundreds of recipes using all their sauces; New feataures; Country Store

Texas Cooking - True Texas Recipes, Current Articles, Contests, and more!

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