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Colleen's Soutdough Buns

She uses my Classic Sourdough Recipe
Photo contributed by Nelly's Husband, Phil

Phil's third attemp--Beautiful!

Photos contributed by Annie

Chard's Sourdough English Muffins

Whole Wheat Loaves

Jeffrey Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough

More J.H.'s Vermont Sourdough

Photos contributed by Bryancar

Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser Roll Recipe--Braided Loaf

Italian Bread

Photos contributed by GrizzlyBiscuit

Sesame seed sandwich buns, white whole wheat dinner rolls, and cheddar cheese and herbed spelt biscuits

Agave nectar whole wheat- flax seed bread

Dinner rolls with variious toppings

Photos contributed by GrizzlyBiscuit

BBA's Whole Wheat Loaf

BBA's Whole Wheat Loaves

English Muffins

Photos contributed by Kevin


Ciabatta & French Bread
Photo contributed by kevin

Cranberry Walnut Braid

Photos contributed by Steve_B

Pain au Levain



Another Batard

Photo contributed by Cindy

Whole Wheat Italian

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