Serve these terrific veggies with Corned Beef or Baked Ham. There are no certain measurements to some ingredients, so you can use your best judgement and tastes. If you include cabbage in with your meat, then leave it out of this.
Serves: 6
Prep.Time: 20 minues + simmering time
3 large Leeks, washed thoroughly
Chicken Broth
1 head Cabbage -- cut in 6 wedges
6 small Carrots -- peeled
6 medium Red Potatoes -- scrubbed
Cut off and discard most of the green tops off the leeks and then cut leeks in half crosswise so there are 6 equal pieces; drop into boiling water 2 minutes; refresh under cold water in a colander. In a large kettle, arrange leeks in one or two layers; add enough chicken broth to cover by 1". Heat to a simmer; simmer uncovered 10 minutes. Remove leeks to a covered bowl; set aside and reserve the cooking liquid.
Transfer leeks cooking liquid to the bottom of a large steamer. Place cabbage wedges (if used) in the steam basket; salt lightly; drizzle on melted butter. Heat to boiling; cover and steam over low heat about 20-25 minutes or until tender, basting frequently. Place cabbage in the bowl with the leeks; save cooking liquid.
Leave carrots whole if small, or halve them if large. Steam over the cabbage cooking liquid 20-25 minutes or until tender. Place carrots with other vegetables in the bowl; discard cooking liquid.
Leave potatoes whole; steam separateley over salted water for about 20 minutes or until tender.
Arrange vegetables on a warm serving platter; sprinkle with a few grindings of fresh black pepper and serve hot.

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