These dellcious little thangs are just some Mexican fresh (not Spanish Cooked) sausage wrapped up in corn husks. They make a nice little entree served with refried beans, rice and a Mexican salad.
Recipe adapted from Sunset's "Cooking Mexican"
Yields 8

8 or more Dried Corn Husks
1/2 pound Homemade or commercial Chorizo
1/2 cup chopped Onion
1/2 cup Dry Bread crumbs
1 Egg
1/4 teaspoon Cumin
1/8 teaspoon Salt

Select full-size (4" x 8") corn husks and place into a very large bowl; completely cover with cold water and soak 3-6 hours (it's good to place a heavy kitchen utensil on top to hold husks under water).

In a small skillet, cook chorizo over medium-low heat until no longer pink; spoon into a medium bowl with a slotted spoon to drain off fat. Add onion and bread crumbs; mix well. Add egg; mix well. Stir in cumin and salt until well-blended.

Remove 1 cornhusk; dry with a kitchen towel; tear small strips with the grain, about 1/4" wide and set aside. Working with one husk at a time, remove from water and dry with towel; place about 2 heaping tablespoonfuls along one side, about 3" long. From the long side, roll tightly to form a log; tie each end with a strip and set aside. Repeat until all corn husks or filling are used. (Up to this point, these can be made 1 day ahead and refrigerated.)

Put 1" water into a steamer kettle and bring to a boil; place sausages into basket, but do not crowd. Cover; steam about 20-25 miutes or until heated through and firm to touch. Serve immediately with some smoky Chipotle or other salsa.

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