Grinder, sub, hoagie, hero....whatever you want to call these, try this one....a favorite of my cousin in Connecticut. For a picnic, wrap each grinder in foil and keep chilled. Oh yes, if your a carnivore, you can certainly add some deli meats. :-)
Serves: 4-8 (depending on appetites)
Prep.Time: 15 minutes
4 soft baguettes, 10"-12" long
4 teaspoons mustard
4 teaspoons mayonnaise
4 teaspoons diced hot cherry peppers
8 slices provolone cheese
2 large tomatoes -- thinly sliced
1 medium onion -- thinly sliced
1/2 cup grated carrot
24 round dill pickle slices
1 red or yellow bell papper -- julienned
2 tablespoons sliced pitted black olives
Fresh ground black pepper to taste
8 crisp lettuce leaves
Cut each baguette in half horizontally, but not all the way through to leave one side attached. Spread one side of each roll with mustard, mayonnaise and chile peppers. Place a layer of cheese on the length of each roll; add a layer of tomatoes, then a layer of onions, grated carrot, pickle slices and pepper strips. Sprinkle with black olives; grind pepper over all. Press lettuce leaves over the top. Use a large knife, place it lengthwise in the middle of the food, and press rolls closed. Use toothpicks stuck into each half to hold it closed. Use a large sharp knife and sawing motion to cut sandwiches in half.

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