This is from "hickeyja" in the Baking Circle. She says " While cutting out desserts and snacks may work for some folks, for many it does not. The biggest trick to dieting is to try to keep from feeling deprived while you reduce your caloric intake and increase your exercise. While skipping snacks and desserts MAY reduce your caloric intake...you can end up feeling cheated and deprived: and there goes the diet! Years ago, I was on a formal weight loss program. The one thing that came of that was a quick dessert/snack food that is very easy and satisfying."

This serves one person; however, you can double, triple of more.

c frozen fruit (Use the kind that is individually frozen with no sugar or other additives.)
1 c low fat cottage cheese
Sweetener to taste (optional)

Place the frozen fruit in the food processor. Pulse until fruit is ground but not too much or you will melt the fruit. Add 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese and turn on the FP. Run processor till fruit and cheese are smooth and well mixed. Serve immediately or put back into freezer for later.

Note: If you prefer a little sweeter dessert, you can add a low cal sweetener with the cheese. The original recipe called for blueberries and liquid artificial sweetener (YUCK!), but I have found that almost any frozen fruit will work and any sweetener, even a little pinch of real sugar will provide sweetness without a lot of extra calories.

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