"Granny" sent this recipe to me years ago, and she promises this drink to be a "sweet and sneaky drink". What a great way to begin an Island party!
Heat Scale = NO heat, unless you have one too many!

Serving Size : 1
1 unit Rum Liqueur (Nassau Royale)
2 units Dark Rum (coconut-flavored preferable)
4 units Light Rum
1 unit Rose's Lime Juice
1 unit Grenadine
8 units Orange Juice
8 units Pineapple Juice
Fresh slices orange, pineapple,or other fruit as desired
Sitr all ingredients together in large pitcher or cocktail shaker; serve over ice. Garnish with fresh fruit if desired.
NOTE: If 1/4-cup units are used, recipe will make a large pitcher-ful.

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